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Quarterly Supervisory Meetings Template

Frequency: Quarterly

Duration: 1 Hour – 90 minutes

Preparation: Person being supervised responds to the questions below in writing; this becomes the basis of the conversation during the meeting


Review of past quarter

What actions have you taken? Details of performance over past quarter, including appropriate details and specifics.  Focus in on those things that advanced your goals for the year, the mission, or shared staff goals.

What discoveries have you made? An account of formal and informal learning done in past quarter. What are your new insights, and from where did they come?

What partnerships have you built? What new relationships have been built, or what old relationships have been strengthened? It is important that the staff person take responsibility for building his/her network of relationships.

Forecast of next quarter:

What is your main focus? What are the primary goals that will get your priority attention over the next quarter?

What are you planning to learn over the next quarter?

What new partnerships (new relationships or strengthening of old relationships) are you hoping to build over next quarter?

Preparation and Response:

The staff person prepares for the conversation by providing written notes to the senior clergy that outline response to the above.

The written notes are shared with the senior clergy in advance of the meeting.

Updated on September 12, 2018

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